Biometrics for Banking and Financial Services

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Fingerprint recognition has historically been the preferred option in the financial sector given its high accuracy and low-cost. In addition to fingerprint scanning, technologies that fall under the contact less category, such as voice, iris, vascular and facial recognition are gaining ground and will provide greater versatility and convenience, In any case, this implies that the era of physical—cards-and logical—PINs and passwords-security measures may soon be over; providing the opportunity to develop a more integrated environment, where users can easily access a multiple range products and services in a seamless fashion. If customers are using their phone to log in-the phone (Apple) is “telling” the bank that the person is who they say they are banks are not sure this is always the case

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What are the Five Key Trends Happening in Biometric Adaption Across All Financial Services:


Biometrics set to replace PINs for ATM security in any one of these scenarios;


Contactless mobile payments driven by mobile payment solutions offered by Apple, Google, Samsung, PayPal, Alipay and traditional payment scheme providers


Rising Card-Not-Present (CNP) fraud tackled by mobile biometric user authentication and step-up transaction verification with support from EMVCo and 3D Secure 2.0


Wearable payments to support biometric modalities that are fit for the device; including heartrate (ECG) and behavioral


Multi-modal biometric authentication to become da-facto for mobile banking apps

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